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Hello and Welcome

February 21st, 2024

Hi there!

Welcome to my little art studio on the web. This is a brand new venture for me so thanks for coming along for the ride. I make art to make art, really. It's one of the things that I'm able to do in spite of my disability these days. Taking anywhere from an hour or more to simply sit and focus on colors and shapes and shading is a way for me to get away from pain and instead focus on the act of creation.

This is going to sound a little pretentious but I do think that things like art, cooking, knitting, writing, any sort of crafting is magic. There was nothing and then you made something. That's pretty miraculous when you think about it.

I had to leave art behind for years. My various health conditions made it so that the types of art I did before I couldn't. Too much work to set up, clean up, in some cases even stand up. Then there were the steps to remember and my memory's not as great as it was and, well, yeah. I had to let it go.

But recently watercolor and digital art came into my life and it's been exactly what I needed. I don't have to worry about much besides sitting down and picking up the brush or pencil. Honestly it's been amazing for me.

So yeah. Hello! Welcome! I make art and now I'm sharing that art with all of you. Thank you for coming by and giving it some love. Or possibly even a home, which is even cooler.

Hope you like it!